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  • Robotics
    Light weight design to get high load capability
    Bus technology for infinite application control requirements
    Real hand by hand programming for rapid work
    High performance and excellent human machine collaboration
    Good ROI to create large values for customers
  • Semiconductor
    Ultra thin wafer handling & transferring
    Wafer thinning & separating
    Wafer surface inspecting & sorting
    Wafer protective film laminating & delaminating
    Innovative solutions to meet the advanced package process
  • Customers
    To provide the robotics
    To provide the automations
    To provide the customized equipments
    To provide satisfied service
    Help to create large values
  • Who We Are

    Founded in 2003, MACSEM Dynamics was a leading high-technology company dedicated to R&D, manufacturing and sales of advanced robots and semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials. MACSEM is committed to providing world-class robots and high-end equipment and creating sustainable value for the society.

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    緊抓全球工業4.0機遇 技美科技擘畫智能制造大計
  • 04.22
    中國網財經11月10日訊 技美科技于今日登陸新三板掛牌交易,股票代碼為834064,交易方
  • 04.22
    發展路上新里程 --- 《安全生產標準化建設》全體會議召開